Go HighLevel Form Style Generator customize your forms







Add the code into your form to see the preview. Just save the HTML block. No need to save the entire form to see the new style.

Generated CSS

How to

  1. Login to your Go HighLevel account.
  2. On the left side, look for the "Marketing" menu.
  3. Click "Form Builder".
  4. Edit the form you wish to update.
  5. Add an "HTML" block (on the right side of your editor, go to "Fields" ➜ "Standard" ➜ then drag "Html" field into your form. Add it as the last element in your form builder (eg. below the button).
  6. Click the "HTML" block & click the "Edit Script" button.
  7. Copy the code above and paste it in the "Custom HTML" textarea.
  8. Click "Save" to save the changes.

Contact the Developer

Email me at tuti@highlevelhacker.com
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Change Log

  • 06/16/20 v 1.1 : removed alpha from color picker, added css for button full width option (whether button is added in the form builder or not), fixed bug on full width button option
  • 05/31/20 v 1.0 : released