Here’s how to hide Phone Numbers in Settings so that people can’t buy Twilio numbers on sub-accounts.

1. Hide this Twilio Alert

Remove Twilio Alert in Go HighLevel
  1. Go to your agency dashboard and click “Settings”
  2. Go to the “Agency Settings” tab
  3. Look for the Custom CSS field and paste this code
.hl_alert_twilio { display: none !important; }

2. Hide Phone Numbers in Settings Area

Hide Phone Numbers Settings in Go HighLevel

Remember we have options to enable or disable “Settings” for our sub-account users.

Hide Phone Numbers Settings in GoHighLevel

Sometimes, I just want to create a team user with “Settings” access so they can still add tags, integrate accounts, and change some stuff in the settings area.

Giving them this benefit will also give them the chance to add multiple Twilio numbers for their account. And we don’t want that to happen.

There’s a way to hide the Phone Numbers tab even if the “Settings” option is enabled. Add this code to your agency Custom CSS field to hide the Phone Numbers tab.

ul.hl_settings--nav li:nth-child(11) { display: none !important; }

If you’re logged in as a sub-account user/admin, you’ll not see the “Phone Numbers” tab. However, if you’re logged in as an agency admin, you’ll still see the “Phone Numbers” tab BUT your “Calendars” tab will not appear. Here’s a work around to manually access those pages. Or, you can just use incognito and login as a team member for that location.

To access Phone Numbers:

add /phone_number after settings

To access Calendars:

add /calendar_settings after settings

Take note that this is just a temporary fix while waiting for Go HighLevel’s official update.

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